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  • Teaching Irish Women’s Writing Abroad
    Maureen O’Connor There are always new audiences for Irish women’s writing of the fin de siècle period, as I discovered when I recently spent six months at the University of Würzburg in Germany, as the Travelling Visiting Professor of Irish Studies, a position funded…
  • Writing the Aran Islands: The Curious Case of Nurse B. N. Hedderman
    Theo Joy Campbell District Nurse B. N. Hedderman’s 1917 memoir, Glimpses of my Life in Aran, was a puzzle I needed to solve.[i] I first stumbled upon it while researching J. M. Synge and his famous 1903 travelogue The Aran Islands. After reading Glimpses,…
  • Women Writers of the Catholic Literary Revival in England and Ireland: An Argument for Revaluation
    Julia Meszaros The large-scale socio-cultural and political shifts of the late nineteenth century are reflected in the era’s vibrant literary culture. In Britain and Ireland, the years between 1860 and 1960 saw a particularly dynamic literary resurgence among Catholic writers. Catholic emancipation, marked by…