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Noêlle Ffrench Davies: A Transnational Irish Polymath

S Morgan Dr. Noēlle Davies (1889-1983), née Ffrench, of Mount Talbot, Co. Roscommon, was a 20th Century intellectual, educationist, litterateur and political activist across Ireland, Wales, Denmark and Europe. Her story is largely unexplored. Using transnational sources, we can trace and assemble her 50… Continue Reading “Noêlle Ffrench Davies: A Transnational Irish Polymath”

“Which is Kit?”: Discovering Kathleen Blake Coleman

By Tara Giddens, University of Limerick   I was first introduced to Kathleen Blake Coleman (1856-1915) by my supervisor when discussing PhD topics. Coleman was an eminent journalist in Canada and the United States at the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. … Continue Reading ““Which is Kit?”: Discovering Kathleen Blake Coleman”