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A Case for Editorial and Curatorial Interventions

Anna Pilz & Whitney Standlee, Network Team In the papers of Katharine Tynan Hinkson held at the John Rylands Library in Manchester is a strongly worded letter from 1902 that attests to the difficulties that tend to assail the editors of volumes of literature.… Continue Reading “A Case for Editorial and Curatorial Interventions”

From the archives: Annie M.P. Smithson Correspondence with Edmund Downey

Kathleen Williams, Network Team In 2016 staff at the John J. Burns Library at Boston College had opportunity to review a large collection of materials related to Irish women during the revolutionary period in Ireland that had been assembled by collector Loretta Clarke Murray. … Continue Reading “From the archives: Annie M.P. Smithson Correspondence with Edmund Downey”

Reflections on the lockdown

We asked members to share their experiences of life in lockdown. In these strange times, we wonder, how quarantine is impacting our lives as scholars, students, and academics. Working from home is now the reality for so many globally. New work and research practices… Continue Reading “Reflections on the lockdown”

Letters and the archive: Kate O Brien and Mary O Malley

Dr. Barry Houlihan The correspondence of writers offers a significant insight into their personal as well as professional lives, revealing much about the networks in which they communicate and circulate ideas. Such archival sources can counter other public and more official sources and narratives… Continue Reading “Letters and the archive: Kate O Brien and Mary O Malley”


Kathleen Williams See Mining the works of Irish Women Writers Part 1 here. In 2005, granted a two-month research leave from the Boston College Libraries, I worked on a project that sought to raise visibility of Irish women writers.  The project included creating an… Continue Reading “MINING THE WORKS OF IRISH WOMEN WRITERS, PART II”