Conference Schedule

Draft Schedule – Subject to change

[all timings Irish Standard Time (GMT=1)]

FRIDAY, 3rd September 2021  

13:00-13:15 WELCOME [live]

13:15-14:30 PANEL I – Clubs, Communities & Sisterhoods

14:45-15:00 BREAK

15:00-16:15 PANEL II – Politics and Activism

16:15-16:45 BREAK

16:45-18:00 PANEL III – Collaborative Institutions & Creative Networks

18:00-20:00 REFUEL

20:00-21:00 In Conversation with Garry Hynes

Chair: Julie-Anne Stevens    Interviewer: Anna Pilz

[pre-recorded stream; register via Eventbrite]


SATURDAY, 4th September 2021  

13:00-14:15 PANEL IV – Staging Collaboration: Roles, Rights & Resistance

14:15-15:00 BREAK

15:00-16:00 Irish Women’s Writing Past & Present in the North American Context

[pre-recorded panel moderated by Journalist and Author Sadhbh Walshe with George Heslin, New York Irish Center – Eventbrite]

16:00-16:30 BREAK

16:30-17:45 PANEL V – Publishers, Editors & Journalists

17:45-18:15     REFUEL 

18:15-19:30     PANEL VI – Transnational & Migrant Networks

19:30-19:45     CLOSING COMMENTS 

PANEL I                  Clubs, Communities & Sisterhoods 

Chair: Kathryn Laing   Respondent: Whitney Standlee 

‘Katherine Cecil Thurston – Publishing Networks and Literary Influencers’ – Caroline Copeland

‘Swiftian Plays and “gossipy guide books”: Reading Committees and the Irish Women Writers’ Club’ – Deirdre Brady 

‘Women’s Networks and Collaborations: Mary and Matilda Banim’s Ireland’ – Geraldine Brassil 

‘Communities of Women in Erminda Rentoul Esler’s Local-Colour Stories and Columns for The Young Woman’ – Giulia Bruna 

PANEL II                 Politics & Activism

Chair: Deirdre Flynn             Respondent: Sinéad Mooney

‘”It was a smoke dream”: Aestheticizing Hope and Disappointment in the Irish Free State – A Survey of Three Contemporary Novels’ – Ailbhe McDaid 

‘Race, Religion, and the Civil War in Kate O’Brien’s Spanish Writings’ – Lloyd (Meadhbh) Houston

Ireland’s best-known unknown writer: The life, writings, and charity network of Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-95)’  – Rachael Lynch and Mary Burke 

PANEL III               Collaborative Institutions and Creative Networks      

Chair: Anna Pilz           Respondent: Caoilfhionn Ni Bheacháin

‘The Women behind the Abbey: Dolly Robinson and Irish Theatrical Networks’ – Nora Moroney 

‘”All that I am Craving is the Talk”: Collaborative Institutions and Augusta Gregory’s Workhouse Ward’ – James Little 

Tricia Cusack, ‘”The delicious flavour of your biscuits”: Collaboration and Correspondence between Jane Barlow and Sarah Purser’ – Tricia Cusack       

PANEL IV               Staging Collaboration: Roles, Rights and Resistance

Chair: Caoilfhionn Ni Bheacháin         Respondent: Julie-Anne Stevens 

‘Cultural Networks and Feminist Theatre of Resistance in Free State Ireland’ – Shonagh Hill and Lisa Fitzpatrick 

‘Staging Women’s Rights during Fascism: Christine Longford’s The Agamemnon’ – Natasha Remoundou 

‘Molly Keane’s Camp Collaborations’ – Naoise Murphy 

PANEL V              Publishers, Editors & Journalists

Chair: Anna Pilz           Respondent: Kathryn Laing

‘”Distinguished Irishwomen in London”: Creating a Space for the Professional Irish Woman in Charlotte O’Conor Eccles’ Journalism’ – Tara Giddens 

‘”From the Editor’s Standpoint”: L.T. Meade, Alice Corkram, and Lessons on Co-Authorship and Collaboration’ – Beth Rodgers 

‘Inclusion and Exclusion of Collaboration in Paratexts: Alice Stopford Green and Regulating Networks in Paratexts’ – Elise Garritzen 

PANEL VI               Transnational & Migrant Networks

Chair: Sophie van Os               Respondent: Elizabeth Tilley

‘Family as a site of Collaboration in Irish-American women’s immigrant memoirs, 1880-1940’ – Sarah O’Brien 

‘Lola Ridge and the Networks of New York Radicalism’ – Lucy Collins

‘The Making of Local Colour Literature: Irish Women Writers and their (Trans)national Networks’ – Marguérite Corporaal